Los Angeles

Grand Central Air Terminal

Air Terminal Closing Marks End of an Era: Glendale's Grand Central, Former World Link, Succumbs to Subdivider Bulldozer

– The Los Angeles Times, July 16, 1959

“Grand Central was probably the most thoroughly photographed airport in the world, serving for three decades of film-making as the backdrop for hundreds of motion pictures.

It was the scene of tragedy during the filming of the Howard Hughes picture, “Hell's Angeles”, in 1930. A stunt man rode a World War I fighter plane to his death during a mock gun battle.

The Army Air Corps operated a flight school at Grand Central in the early days of World War II. Later, P-38s were stationed there to intercept the Japanese bombers which never came.”

At left:

Grand Central Air Terminal Waiting Room Area, Staircase Detail, Historic American Buildings Survey, Tavo Olmos, 2001, Courtesy of the Library of Congress